Personalized Subtle Energy Paintings



Intimate artwork intuitively painted from your Subtle Energy.


Subtle Energy, the energy that isn't seen, but the most abundant energy around us all. It's the energy that carries thoughts, propels manifestations, and transforms life. It is known as mana, chi, vibrational energy, and prana. Subtle Energy connects all living things on this planet and beyond, (think loves ones that have passed on, but you can still feel their presence).

This energy can be connected to through mediations, yoga practices, breath work, reiki, and so many more modalities. My favorite way to connect with Subtle Energy is through my art practice. With my training in Reiki I & II, as well as my many years as an artist, I have spent countless hours tuning into this energy.

I'm grateful to be able to share this sacred practice with you through my Subtle Energy Paintings. These paintings resonate with feelings and emotions and can often carry symbols, or colors that carry personal meanings to you.

What is the process? It’s simple, first contact me below and we will schedule your painting session. You are not required to do anything, but share with me your photo or the photo of the person the painting is for. After the painting is complete we will schedule a phone or Zoom call where I will discuss with you the details of your painting that came through my meditation. After the discussion you will receive your painting within 5-7 days via USPS.

៚ Your Subtle Energy painting is created on 11" x 14" heavy weight watercolor paper, with a white boarder for easy framing. These paintings are an easy way to transform the energy of your sacred space or add inspiration to your daily life.

៚ The amount for your Subtle Energy Painting is $200 and includes free shipping of your personalized painting.

Why are these paintings so special? Your energy is uniquely yours, as well as this painting. The experience of discussing your painting is extremely intimate and can sometimes offer a glimpse into matters of your life you maybe struggling with or need reassurance. Just as the the circumstances in our lives change, so will each painting session and discussion. Below is an example of a Subtle Energy Painting, where a client and I discussed matters in her life that needed clarity.

If you would like to book a Subtle Energy Painting Session or to received more information, please contact me below.