Small Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Small Moon Phase Wall Hanging

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This moon phase wall hanging is for the day-dreaming mermaids that keep their eyes to the sky. The mermaids that wonder what secrets the twinkling stars hold. The ones that have been told their head is in the clouds. Suspend this enchanting moon phase dreamcatcher to keep the moon ever so close to you.

Small Moon Phase Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging
 Approx. 21" long
 4" wide
• 1" natural stone arrow head
• Ready for gifting

Your new moon phase dream catcher was lovingly handcrafted using the most beautiful splendid materials. Notice the soft cotton wrapping every surface of the dreamcatcher. The dreamcatcher is then woven with sturdy cording and then attached to an embellished 
gold trimmed arrow head.

• Your new beauty is for decoration purposes only and should not be left in the reach of children
• Due to differences in monitors, colors may vary slightly

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