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Purple Amethyst Spirit Quartz

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Spirit quartz, also know as cactus quartz, or porcupine quartz is a crystal of balance and harmony. In the metaphysical realm it is said that spirit quartz energy is amplified by the thousands of tiny crystal faces of the main crystal radiating it outward, back and forth through out itself so that the whole is bathe in a magical shower of crystal energy. 

Approx. 5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2cm
• 33 grams
• February birthstone

• Ready for gifting

 Enhances creativity
 Brings passion and imagination
 Crystal of Harmony and Alignment
 Amethyst spirit quartz is February's birthstone

• Your new beauty is for decoration purposes only and should not be left in the reach of children
• Due to differences in monitors, colors may vary slightly

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