Grateful Residents, Smiling Seniors

I never expected after three days to become attached to the residents that live across from where I painted my mural. 

Everyday, they stopped by and talked to me. Some from their morning walks, others during their smoke breaks throughout the day. I have always been fond of hearing peoples stories. As I have gotten older, I have also learned that a lot of people want to share their stories. So as I spend hours bent over painting my mural, I heard so many stories from the local residents. Most of them were stories that moved my heart. I could hear the sadness in their voices as they trailed off to distant memories. I heard about how the brick building beside me use to be a club that was frequented by the visitors when they were younger. One women, now permanently bound to her electric wheel chair, talked about the days when she use to go dancing at the club.

But this isn't a story about all the sad stories I heard. It is about the smiles that were left on the faces from those who shared their stories with me. The memories of their grateful voices, expressing their gratitude for the colorful artwork that was now present on their door step.

To hear all of the "thank you's" from people walking by, or yelling it out of their car windows as they drove by, was one of the most heart warming moments I have ever had.

It means that my hard work made people happy. They were grateful for something I love to do, and it lifted their spirits.

Mural Sal Hippy Panama City Florida

Drone shots by Tiffani Danielles Photography