Our Story





The sea has always been a part of me, so much so that I joined the Navy when I was 21. I left the Navy after losing my eldest daughter’s father feeling unlike myself, and uninspired in such a masculine career field. My daughter and I relocated from Guam to California in a matter of months after his tragic death. My initial plan was to open a brick and mortar with locally sourced handmade goods but as I remarried to my twin flame, my focus changed. Instead, I wanted to support my family with my passion while raising our newest addition, baby Piper, as a stay at home mom. With so much going on in our life I had little time for the ocean.

As I adjusted to the massive shift from being a full time working mom, to a creative entrepreneur with a severely colicky baby (I don’t wish that on my worst enemy!), and having my own health issues, I began to rekindle my love for the ocean. Several times a week Piper and I made the drive to Coronado Island to sooth her colic and my severe & painful skin allergies. Piper spent her time snuggled up on my chest sleeping while I beach-combed regaining my inspiration for creating.

I am now building two businesses that I love! Using my experience as an artist and my obsession with all things coastal, I create seaside bohemian home goods by accentuating Mother Nature's own beauty with color and organic elements so ocean lovers can bring nature into their homes. I want to share with others my love with the ocean, and how important it is to take care of this precious resource.

My other passion is dogs! I love helping those looking for a safe and loving environment for their beloved dogs while traveling to the Outer Banks that’s flexible, affordable, and gives them a sense of relief so they can enjoy their vacation.

When I'm not reading about growing and improving my business or hanging out with my wonderful family that I adore so much, you’ll find me lost in a good book, scribbling inspirational goals, painting in my mix media art book gifted to me this summer during my Outer Babes Surf Camp or chasing the sun rise with a backpack full of shells.

 Our family has grown from two people to four, plus our two fur babies. From Guam, to California, and now with roots grounded in our dream home in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. 

Our little business continues to grow and transform into something I could have never dreamed of. We pride ourselves in ethically hand-collecting our shells and drift wood with the help of my two girls, and my husband, who lets us fill his pockets with sea glass and shells, thanks babe :).

 We collect only empty shells, every beach trip is an opportunity for a beach clean up as we honor this healing gift, the Ocean. We hope to share our love for the ocean with you and spread the word of ways to help save her before she is too far gone.  

We are so grateful for you joining us on this journey and we hope that we can inspire others to follow theirs. 

All the best,

Love Sophie & The Fam

- Salt Hippy


Sophie Castellanos Salt Hippy