About Chulynda



I am a multi-media passionate artist, currently focusing on watercolor botanicals, although I have previous works in acrylic. I am a homeschool art teacher living in Panama City, Florida with my husband and two daughters. I create vibrant and up lifting artwork that is intended to create a stirring in the viewer’s soul. My paintings can be found on a large scale, as well as smaller pieces on canvas and paper. I also, offer my artwork in prints and colorful greeting cards. I sell online, in Historic Downtown Panama City, Sea Green Gallery in Nags Head, Outer Banks, North Carolina, and other various shops around the Uited States.

Painting allows me to create from a place of inner harmony, creating presence in my everyday life. I am continuously inspired by the vibrant colors of tropical flora and fauna which invigorates my soul.

I believe art is healing and should be accessible to everyone, either in a physical form or through instruction.

I am passionate about sharing how to paint and create silence from the outside world to connect with the inner self.

I seek to convey a sense of wonder in my work that creates pause, reminding the viewer of the beauty that is nature.

I choose to come from a place of truth to inspire others to do the same in their lives.   

Thank you for supporting a dream that I hope inspires others to pursue theirs, a dream that demonstrates to my girls to chase theirs, a dream that spreads joy and positivity to others in a time where we must support each other to spread light in a world we’ve never navigated before. 

All the best,

- Chulynda, Salt Hippy